Embryo Transfer Guidelines

One of the most difficult decision to make for both IVF Specialists (and our patients) is picking the number of embryos to transfer to the womb. In this blog & video interview, Dr. Trolice explains the responsible way to go about making this choice.

An IVF cycle is a complex series of events all with the sole purpose of helping […]

(Video) FOX News Interview About Choosing the Right Embryo

“Choosing the Best Embryo – Advances in In-vitro Fertilization”
In 1990, cells from an early developing embryo were removed and analyzed for the male Y- chromosome, thus preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) was born.  Over 20 years later, PGD has advanced to allow the identification of many genetic disorders as well as a complete chromosome analysis […]

Determining Custody of a Frozen Embryo

TV celebrity Sofia Vergara has been in the news lately due to a custody battle with her ex over embryos not yet born. Local FOX News Channel 13 invited Dr. Trolice to join an in-studio panel about the blurred legal lines of IVF.

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