Coronavirus Appointment FAQs

As part of our response to COVID-19, we’re taking additional proactive steps to ensure the health and safety of anyone visiting our office so you can feel confident you and your loved ones are protected while at our office.

Here are several common questions and answers addressing our increased safety measures.

IVF Second Opinion Telemedicine Consultation Option Now Available

Mark P. Trolice, M.D., is now offering comprehensive fertility and IVF second opinion telemedicine consultations to those in need. You do not need to be a current patient of Dr. Trolice to perform a second opinion telemedicine consultation.

IVF Second opinion telemedicine consultations are open to ANYONE and you do not need to be a current […]

SMA Genetic Testing and IVF Could Save Over $3.8M per Patient

With Novartis’ new treatment for spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) projected to exceed $4 million per patient, Dr. Mark Trolice of Fertility CARE: The IVF Center advocates for genetic tests and IVF that can prevent the disease at 1/25 the cost.

(Orlando, FL) February 4, 2019 – Pharmaceutical company Novartis made headlines in 2018 with a new […]

What Are the Concerns Around Testing Embryos?

Genetic testing of embryos goes back some fifteen years, but its use has become more popular recently due to method enhancement and better detection of disease-causing genes.

However, medical and ethical concerns have arisen in the reproductive medical community around the screening of embryos. The issue was a central topic of focus during the American […]

Steps Following a Positive Pregnancy Test

All pregnancies require careful monitoring in the first trimester to insure the embryo implanted properly and is developing in the appropriate location. However, infertility patients may be at a higher risk of miscarriage and ectopic (outside the uterus) pregnancy depending upon their treatment to conceive and medical history. Hopefully you are taking daily prenatal vitamins […]

Determining Custody of a Frozen Embryo

TV celebrity Sofia Vergara has been in the news lately due to a custody battle with her ex over embryos not yet born. Local FOX News Channel 13 invited Dr. Trolice to join an in-studio panel about the blurred legal lines of IVF.

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Would an IVF Baby Really be Mine?

We are defined by the choices we make and by our outlook on life. All of us begin with dreams of our ideal existence, but invariably, adjustments will be necessary. Whether you support a fatalist philosophy, and/or you follow God’s plan, one thing is certain – life rarely complies with our original design.

Ironically, often the […]