Avoid These 5 Fertility Faux-Pas

When dealing with infertility, particularly in the beginning, it is easy to slip into some common mistakes that can throw you off the right fertility path. Do any of these sound familiar?
We Need to Refrain from Intercourse until Ovulation
FALSE: Studies show that in order to reach maximum success with conception, couples should increase the number […]

Infertility is Not a Reason to Lose Hope

Barren. Doesn’t that word sound negative, even without knowing the meaning? Synonyms listed in Merriam-Webster for the word include desolate, fruitless, devoid, and lacking. The Bible mentions “barren” several times throughout the different books, almost exclusively as uniquely a condition of women (Genesis 11:30: “Now Sarai was barren, she had no child.” ESV).

Research has proven […]

You’re Pregnant, but in the Wrong Place

Defining an Ectopic Pregnancy
The initial goal of every normal pregnancy is for an embryo to implant inside a woman’s uterus. An ectopic pregnancy is defined as a pregnancy located in any other location than the upper portion of the uterus. Currently, the incidence of ectopic pregnancies is 2% of spontaneous conceptions, increasing to 5% from […]

Blog Series Highlights Excesive Medical Products

Many alleged Fertility Aids are heavily marketed to men and women claiming to assist in expediting the time to conception. Based on the particular product, its effectiveness may vary, and the cost can be substantial.

As a service to our followers, we will provide intermittent reviews of products. Our purpose will always be to empower you […]

Top 10 Questions About Fertility

There is a lot to know about conceiving a child, particularly when you’re having some difficulties with fertility. The articles that we write and publish here at TheIVFCenter.com are meant to help guide your decisions when it comes to building your family. Here is a good starter list of some of the most common Infertility […]

When to Question Your Doctor (Part 2)

In Part I of this two-part blog, I discussed the risks of inappropriate fertility testing resulting from a potential conflict of interest. Now I want to present evidence-based practice on infertility evaluation and treatment. The goal is to empower you with knowledge on your problem and assist in efficient and effective decision making. There is […]

When to Question Your Doctor (Part 1)

What if you couldn’t trust the only person/place you trust with your infertility care? Impossible you say – after all, doctors take an oath to “do no harm.” Yet there are continued reports of malpractice in various fields of medicine, e.g. wrong side surgery, preventable complications from surgery, and physicians professing a proficiency in a […]

7 Reasons Secondary Infertility is Emotionally Challenging

Infertility affects 12% of women during their reproductive years, approximately 1 in 8. In the U.S., over seven million people struggle with this challenge. The accepted diagnosis of infertility is an inability to deliver a child after one year of unprotected intercourse provided the woman has regular menstrual cycles and the couple has no risk […]

What to Expect on Your First Visit to an Infertility Doctor’s Office

The first visit to an infertility doctor, or any doctor for that matter, can be stressful. When dealing with a subject as important as a patient’s future family, it is important for an infertility doctor to understand the anxieties that are associated with a first visit. That is why our first goal at Fertility CARE […]