Why Do Women Get Facial Hair?

Excessive or unwanted hair that grows on a woman’s body and face is caused by hirsutism, a common condition that affects 5-10% of women. Hirsutism is defined as the presence of disproportionate male-type hair in some areas of a woman’s body (known as androgen-contingent parts of the body).

Having excess body hair can often generate a […]

What Are the Different Types of Miscarriages?

For an expecting mother or couple, a miscarriage can be a traumatic event. In addition to having lost a child who they will never know, the sense of loss, sadness, and despair is often compounded by the confusion and lack of information surrounding miscarriages and their causes.

Understanding the different types of pregnancy loss can help […]

Almost Tripping Over Swollen Ankles

Rarely in a lifetime, let alone a medical career, one person has the opportunity to affect another person in a profound way. Even more rare, both people may share in the joy of enlightenment. Such an event recently happened with me.

Having a usual day in the office, I was called by my receptionist and asked […]

Fertility in Patients Battling Cancer

The new field of oncofertility focuses on the importance of maintaining fertility in cancer patients using a multidisciplinary approach to include the fields of oncology, reproductive endocrinology, and molecular biology.

Owing to the increasing success of oncologists over the past four decades, patients diagnosed with cancer are surviving longer, and care now focuses on improving quality of life […]

Pre-Conception Counseling

Prior to conception, anyone desiring fertility needs to take an opportunity to insure his or her health is optimal for reproduction. Your health care provider is in a unique position to offer counseling on medical care and behavior modification, if applicable. This article will address appropriate preconception screening to look into.
Medical & Surgical History
When medical conditions are […]

Dealing with Infertility During the Holidays

By Judith Burnett, Ph.D

Problems with fertility can create real stress for couples. Although no definitive studies demonstrating stress itself as a cause of infertility are currently available, many studies do show that that stress reduction may improve pregnancy success rates. At Fertility C.A.R.E. we offer every patient access to emotional support throughout fertility treatment. We […]

7 Emotional Challenges of Infertility

Infertility affects 12% of women during their reproductive years, approximately 1 in 8. In the U.S., over seven million people struggle with this challenge. The accepted diagnosis of infertility is an inability to deliver a child after one year of unprotected intercourse provided the woman has regular menstrual cycles and the couple has no risk […]

Coping with Infertility Together

Contributing Authors:  Judith Burnett, Ph.D.; Jennifer Kusters, M.S.; Kim McGoff, M.S.; and Ruth Pearl, M.S.

Is spending time together with your partner different for you now that you are coping with infertility issues? Are you spending as much time together as you used to?

Or, is all your time together related in some way to your fertility treatments? […]

Infertility is Not a Reason to Lose Hope

Barren. Doesn’t that word sound negative, even without knowing the meaning? Synonyms listed in Merriam-Webster for the word include desolate, fruitless, devoid, and lacking. The Bible mentions “barren” several times throughout the different books, almost exclusively as uniquely a condition of women (Genesis 11:30: “Now Sarai was barren, she had no child.” ESV).

Research has proven […]

(Video) Dealing with Miscarriage

Recently, the Founder of Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) made an emotional statement about his families struggle with recurring miscarriages. In this video. Dr. Trolice sits down with the morning show team on FOX35 Orlando to talk about the misconceptions of miscarriage, and how people can cope.

Dr. Mark P. Trolice is the Director of The IVF Center […]