INVOCell: A More Affordable Option with IVF

An alternative to traditional IVF has emerged, and it’s a lot less expensive. INVOCell is a unique option that uses the vagina as the embryo incubator and costs about half as much as a regular IVF cycle. Fertility CARE: The IVF Center in Winter Park, Florida is proud to be the only infertility clinic in the region offering this exciting and more affordable treatment.

Statistics show that over 1.4 million women in the United States may benefit from advanced fertility treatment, yet only an estimated 130,000 of them ever begin such treatment.As a major cost-savings option, INVOCell can help improve access to care for many of you wanting to be parents.

In one study, IUI was reported to
have an 8-10% rate of success,
with success defined as
pregnancy rates per cycle,
including live births and
ongoing pregnancies.

A clinical trial of IVC with
INVOCELL resulted in about a
25% success rate, which was
defined as the number of live
births per embryo transfer.

In nationally reported data,
IVF demonstrated up to a
48% success rate, where
success was defined as the
rate of live births per cycle.

What Is INVOCell?

INVOCell is the first Intravaginal Culture (IVC) system granted FDA-clearance in the United States, providing millions of infertile couples across the country access to revolutionary infertility treatment. The patented INVOCell device and procedure provide a natural, safe, effective, and economical fertility treatment. INVOCell enables egg fertilization and early embryo development to take place in a woman’s body, making her an even greater part of the process.

Unlike conventional infertility treatments such as IVF where the eggs and sperm develop into embryos in a laboratory incubator, INVOCell utilizes the woman’s vagina as an incubator to support a more natural fertilization and embryo development environment, and impotence treatment. The device promotes in vivo conception and early embryo development.

Dr. Trolice Explains the INVOCELL

How Does INVOCell Work?

Once the eggs are retrieved, and sperm is collected, they are placed into the INVOCell device. The INVOCell device is immediately positioned in the upper vaginal cavity for incubation, where natural fertilization and early development of the embryos take place. While original clinical studies showed the INVOCell procedure resulting in a lower pregnancy rate vs. standard IVF, more US clinics have gained experience are seeing similar success rates.

A traditional cycle with IVF involves stimulating a woman’s ovaries with injectable fertility medication. The ovaries then produce multiple follicles, and after about ten days, a final trigger injection is given to help mature the eggs. Then under sedation, in our surgery center, a needle is inserted through the back of your vagina, and your eggs are vacuumed out, combined with sperm, then placed inside an incubator in the laboratory. Your embryos grow for up to three to five days and are then transferred back into your uterus.

ivf documentaryWith INVOCell, a woman’s vagina, which is very temperature-controlled, is used as the embryo incubator. The embryos within the INVOCell device are allowed to develop from three to five days inside your vagina. Once removed, your embryos are examined and based on your age and prognosis, one or two embryos are transferred back inside your. The rest of your embryos can be frozen.

Is INVOCell Right for You?

Dr. Trolice received specialized training to be able to perform the INVOCell procedure to patients. 

Your doctor will determine if INVOCell is right for you and will provide you with more detailed information about the risks and benefits associated with using this device. Remember: your fertility specialist is your best resource as you navigate your fertility journey. So, make sure to ask your questions, voice your concerns, and discuss what’s right for you.

If you have questions or need any more information, please feel free to contact us.

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